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Valorisation of the digestate from pig manure as new fertilizers with an organic / mineral base and gradual release.


  • Management of a demonstration plant for treating 120 m3/d of digestate including composting of the solid phase and stripping for the recovery of the inorganic nitrogen from the liquid phase.
  • Validation of the new fertilizers in field trials with wheat barley, both rainfed and irrigated.
  • Environmental advantages: improving soil quality, minimization of nitrogen losses through nitrate leaching, reduced GHG emissions.
  • Economic advantages: cost reduction by a single application and 10% yield increase.
  • Promote compliance with EU legislation in the field of waste management of pig manure, especially regarding nitrates (91/676/EEC).
  • Increase awareness of the stakeholders and farmers on environmental pollution associated with their activities, and the advantages of the new fertilizers.