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A new system to enhance the digestate of pig manure generated in biogas plants has been successfully tested.

What economic advantages have these fertilizers shown?

New fertilizers have achieved 10% yield increase in short cycle barley crops. In addition, they provide lower operation costs, since only a single application is necessary compared to traditional fertilizers.

What environmental benefits have these fertilizers shown?

The organic base of the new fertilizers contributes to improve the general soil quality. This feature is especially interesting for Castilla and León Region soils, for instance, where the prolonged and exclusively use of mineral fertilizers has impoverished soil. In addition, the pH of the new fertilizers is slightly acidic, which is also beneficial for basic soils, such as those from this Region.

In addition, the controlled release of nitrogen from the new fertilizers reduces leachate losses (aquifer contamination) or GHG emissions.

According to their life cycle, new MIX_Fertilizer are environmentally more favorable. The carbon footprint of the process has been 60% lower than that of traditional fertilizers.