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New fertilizers production

Responsible: SERVIMED

SERVIMED has produced new fertilizers from the composted organic waste, the ammonium sulphate and a nitrification inhibitor for the nitrogen controlled release. In order to obtain the new fertilizers in pellet form, it has been necessary to design a prototype plant consisting of a stainless steel double-axis orientable blade mixer, which has provided a perfect absorption of the inhibitor and a very high homogenization of the organic and mineral fractions.

Three new fertilizers have been formulated in the Project with organic / mineral base.

  • compost + ammonium sulphate,
  • compost + ammonium sulphate + inhibitor,
  • compost + ammonium sulphate + twice quantity of inhibitor


The new fertilizers have the suitable density and diameter for being further used (figure 10). In addition, its content in metals is below the limits established for fertilizer products in the current legislation (RD 506/2013).

New MIX_Fertilizers


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