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STAGE 5. MIX Fertilizers in controlled trials

Responsible: ASAJA Soria


The evaluation of the agricultural viability of the new fertilizers has been made on the basis of 3 real tests in dry and irrigated agricultural plots, with spring barley crops. In these tests, the three new fertilizers, raw compost and a commercial mineral fertilizer were used.

Throughout the crop cycle, the plant status has been periodically evaluated in terms of growth, phenological status, height measurement and number of plants per square meter. Likewise, the soil was analysed and characterized. Finally, quantitatively and qualitatively harvesting data on the final production were collected as well as data on soil evolution.

Concluding, the range of the new fertilizers is agricultural viable and worked well in the traditional mineral fertilization environment. As improvements, we can highlight that one of the formulas improved yields by more than 10% and that soils, after cultivation, increased their proportion of organic matter, which allows the recovery of the natural fertility in the long term.


Controlled trials in short barley crops


Collaborating farmers:

In addition to the described trials, there were another 20 farmers who tested the new fertilizers on barley and wheat crops. All of them were satisfied about the results of the fertilizer, emphasizing their positive attitude towards requiring a single application compared to the two traditionally applications required in mineral fertilization.


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