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Environmental impact

Responsible: CARTIF

In addition, it is necessary to add the environmental impact advantages that have been evaluated in the framework of the Project, through the Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) methodology. LCA was made based on three interesting environmental indicators: carbon footprint, terrestrial acidification and aquatic eutrophication.

Two of them, carbon footprint and terrestrial acidification, have been found to be lower for the new fertilizers, 62.5% and 37.8% respectively, compared to the mineral fertilizations from the starting scenario.

The trend is reversed with respect to the aquatic eutrophication indicator, where the highest value corresponds to the new fertilizers. However in this case, the crops analysis has shown that the new fertilizers will contribute, as a long-term improvement, for the recovery of the natural fertility of the soils by incorporating organic matter, This negative environmental impact would be offset in the long term due to this capacity that traditional subscribers do not have.

Thanks to this environmental assessment, it can be confirmed that LIFE MIX_Fertilizer has developed an environmentally more favorable type of fertilizers.


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