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Actions and Results

The MIX_Fertilizer system consists of several stages of treatment:


The first three actions have taken place in the biogas treatment plant owned by PURAL in Almazán-Soria. First, the crude digestate is separated in the related solid and liquid fractions. The solid fraction is composted with other organic waste such as chicken manure and vegetable biomass. In parallel, the liquid fraction is treated in a stripping plant to selectively remove the nitrogen as ammonium sulphate.

Manufacturing of the new fertilizers in the form of pellets has been carried out at a later stage of the Project. This was done by mixing the previously obtained compost and ammonium sulphate together with a nitrification inhibitor, which has been added for the nitrogen controlled release. These new fertilizers production has been carried out by SERVIMED in Almazán.

The last stage of the process has been the evaluation of the new fertilizers in ASAJA test fields in Almazán. In one hand, solid fertilizers in pellet form have been tested and validated in late barley rainfed and irrigated crops. On the other hand, the liquid fraction from the stripping step has been used in sunflower fertirrigation in controlled trials, also in rainfed and irrigated crops.