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LIFE MIX Fertilizer in the workshop “European funding possibilities to promote sustainability projects in Almería”

Last Thursday October 27th, Raquel López presented the LIFE MIX Fertilizer during this workshop organized by the Regional Council of Almeria. A hundred of stakeholders attended the event: (Almería councils, University of Almería and water and waste companies).

The project was presented as an example of a successful waste management initiative. In addition, the results […]

LIFE MIX Fertilizer presented in a workshop organized by the University of Valladolid

Last Thursday October 20th, the LIFE MIX Fertilizer project was presented during the conference “Opportunities for Companies in the Reuse of Agroindustrial and Livestock Waste” organized by the Palencia Campus of the University of Valladolid.

During the event, the project was presented as an example of a successful waste management initiative, in this case pig […]

Sunflower tests begin their journey

Almazan, 22 June, 2016.

Three weeks after sowing, sunflower crops have just been born.

So far, we can only appreciate the nascencia in one of the plots. In the second with most clayey soil, and because of the storms occurred few days after the sowing, seedling emergence is uneven. Let us hope that if some […]

Good barley development, outstanding high temperatures

Almazan, June 16, 2016.

The development of barley in the fields is being good and first differences between the different bands and tested fertilizers are being observed.

The bands with mineral fertilizer are well developed, they had a good tillering and its cycle, although delayed, may be considered appropriate.

On the other hand, different bands […]

LIFE MIX Fertilizer: Final event

The National Executive Committee of ASAJA and some 400 farmers from all over the Region have participated in the final event of the project, which was held in Soria on June 24. This event coincided with the XVII visit to the test fields, organized by the technical services of ASAJA Soria in Almazán. During the […]

Works leading to comparative trials of sunflower

At the beginning of June, the technical services of ASAJA proceeded to the sowings for the comparative trials of sunflower, both rainfed and irrigated, with two replicates and two different fertilizers, mineral and the effluent from the stripping prototype.

Final phase of the LIFE MIX Fertilizer

Almazán, March 15th 2016

Final phase of the LIFE MIX Fertilizer has just been launched with the seeding of the late barley in the 3 demonstration plots located in Almazan (Soria).

Each plot has been divided into 10 test strips (3.5 m width and 100 m length), which will allow to evaluate the effectiveness of […]

Annual monitoring visit for the project

The annual monitoring visit for the project was held yesterday in CARTIF facilities, in Boecillo (Valladolid – Spain). The meeting was attended by the four partners and the monitoring expert, Esther Martínez, from the LIFE Monitoring team in NEEMO – IDOM. The state of the implementation and all the related documentation were reviewed, and the […]

Fourth monitoring meeting of LIFE MIX_Fertilizer

Boecillo, November 5th 2015.

Project partners is meeting today in CARTIF facilities, in Boecillo (Valladolid, Spain), to plan and to optimize the operation of the pilot plants where the new fertilizer, made from pig manure, is being produced. The last year of the project is beginning and the objectives are aimed at optimizing the work […]

Third monitoring meeting of LIFE Mix_Fertilizer

Boecillo, November 20th 2014

On November 20th, project partners met in CARTIF to celebrate the third monitoring meeting with the presence of Ms. Cristina Vicente, monitoring expert.

Second monitoring meeting of LIFE Mix_Fertilizer

Almazan, June 17th 2014

The second monitoring meeting was held on June 17th in Pural facilities located in Almazan (Soria). During the day, main technical aspects of the project were discussed and locations for the demonstrative plants were visited.


Kick off meeting of the LIFE MIX_FERTILIZER project

The Kick off meeting of LIFE MIX_FERTILIZER is held in CARTIF Technology Centre. The consortium partners are CARTIF, the Soria provincial centre of young farmers (ASAJA –Soria), and the companies Purines Almazan SL (PURAL SL) and Servimed SL.

This project aims to develop an innovative system for the treatment of the waste from the […]

Kick off environmental projects financed by European Union in Spain

Representatives of the European Commission and Spanish beneficiaries will meet in Madrid to kick off 70 new projects related to nature conservation, biodiversity and the environment in general, co-financed by the LIFE + Programme of the European Union.

This meeting will take place in Madrid in the Representation of the European Commission in Spain.

A […]

CARTIF, European entity with more LIFE+ projects obtained in 2012

It will participate in 7 big projects, co-ordinating 6 of them, with a total budget higher than 10,5 M€.

CARTIF‘s co-ordinated projects are under the LIFE+ Environment Policy & Governance strand. These projects cover a wide range of technologies and application areas: waste management, carbon footprint reduction, waste valorization, intelligent asphalt paving and energy production.