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LIFE MIX Fertilizer Workshop at the University of Valladolid – Soria Campus

On April, 12th, a specific seminar organized by the School of Agricultural Engineering of the Soria Campus, belonging to the University of Valladolid, related to the innovative process for the production of fertilizers from slurry. The event had an eminently university and dissemination character and had a hundred attendees between students and teachers.

IMG_1103Raquel López by CARTIF, María Luisa Cosme by PURAL and Juan Francisco Barcones by ASAJA-Soria presented the LIFE Mix Fertilizer Project.

They explained the innovative system for the treatment of waste from the anaerobic digestion of pig slurry (digestate) and its subsequent agronomic valorization.

They also considered that, because of their mixed organic-mineral base, these fertilizers are expected to have a number of unprecedented advantages over currently commercialized products, which will be of an environmental type (improvement of soil quality, Nitrate leaching, reduction of GHG emissions) and economic (reduction of costs by a single application, increase of agricultural yields).

At the end of each intervention a questionnaire was opened in which attendees were able to move all kinds of issues and demonstrate their interest in a project.