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ERIAFF Conference 2016 “Agriculture, Water and Climate Change”

Last week the ERIAFF Conference 2016 “Agriculture, Water and Climate Change” took place in Badajoz (Spain).

Agriculture in the European Union faces two major challenges facing the future of humanity: the production of healthy food in sufficient quantity to feed a growing population boosting systems for an efficient and sustainable production; and on the other hand, the climate change mitigation. The starting point is, in most cases, unstable agricultural systems as a result of a progressive deterioration caused by agricultural activity itself and also by the effect of climate change.

ERIAFF 2016 has brought together research groups, businesses and technicians from public administrations which have discussed key issues related to water management in the area of irrigated agriculture and the contribution of new technologies to propose more efficient systems.

During the Conference, Raquel Lopez project coordinator for CARTIF, has presented the latest developments of the LIFE MIX Fertilizer, with the new kind of fertilizers and the barley field trials being developed in the province of Soria (Spain).