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CARTIF, European entity with more LIFE+ projects obtained in 2012

cartifIt will participate in 7 big projects, co-ordinating 6 of them, with a total budget higher than 10,5 M€.

CARTIF‘s co-ordinated projects are under the LIFE+ Environment Policy & Governance strand. These projects cover a wide range of technologies and application areas: waste management, carbon footprint reduction, waste valorization, intelligent asphalt paving and energy production.

The LIFE MIX FERTILIZER project will develop an innovative fertilizer made from pig manure digestates that will reduce the contamination of soil and water.

The LIFE DIOXDETECTOR will try to demonstrate a new analytical technique for the quantification of concentration of dioxin levels in air, soil and biota (vegetal). This pilot technology will be applied at the surroundings of a Municipal Solid Waste incineration facility.

The main objective of LIFE HUELLAS is to support the railway infrastructure construction companies to be more sustainable by developing a new methodology based on carbon and water footprint, LCA and intelligent techniques that will ensure the reduction of environmental impacts associated to construction of rail infrastructures.

The LIFE REVA-WASTE will develop an integrated management plant for the treatment of industrial waste, non- recyclable materials proceeding from waste treatment plants and agrofood waste.

The LIFE COLRECEPS will design a demonstration prototype plant to recycle expanded polystyrene waste. Through this process, the project aims to recycle more than 50% of the waste generated in the urban area of Valladolid.

The LIFE EQUINOX will try to demonstrate the effectiveness of a treatment system of application on asphalt paving for the elimination of Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) in the urban environments.

Finally, the main objective of the LIFE Eucalyptus Energy project will be the optimization and sustainability of electrical production from eucalyptus sub-products and residues, i.e., eucalyptus branches and leaves. Other important objective of the project will be the integration of biomass harvest, pyrolysis, syngas clean-up, electricity generation and biochar utillization processes.

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