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Final phase of the LIFE MIX Fertilizer

Almazán, March 15th 2016

Final phase of the LIFE MIX Fertilizer has just been launched with the seeding of the late barley in the 3 demonstration plots located in Almazan (Soria).

Each plot has been divided into 10 test strips (3.5 m width and 100 m length), which will allow to evaluate the effectiveness of the two new types of mixed base and gradual release fertilizers, which have been developed in the project. Results will be compared with a commercial mineral fertilizer and compost.

Coming up next, the barley growth in the different controlled trials will be monitored weekly. New fertilizers are expected to provide economic advantages (increase of agricultural yield, cost reduction by a single application) and environmental (improving soil quality, minimization of nitrogen losses by nitrate leaching and reduction of GHG emissions).